Here at Drain Doctor, we deliver quality drain services right across Leyland.

In Leyland we receive many drain service enquiries combating every job with state of the art equipment, precision and care.

24/7 CCTV Drain Surveys in Leyland

Our customers are at the heart of the services we offer in Leyland which is why we offer 24/7 drain and plumbing services which ensures our customers are never left in the pipe line of drain issues day or night.

Over the years, we've administered a range of similar enquiries in the Leyland which is why we, as an ethical company who prides ourselves on good customer service, have put together a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help our customers.

How can I tell if the drain issues I'm dealing with are due to a blockage?

Administering drain blockage issues can be difficult without the right equipment but there are many symptoms you can be looking out for. If your toilet is no longer flushing waste, if your external manhole covers are overflowing or maybe you can smell strong sewage smells.

Each of these symptoms are very suggestive of broken drains. If you're administering issues of this nature, get in touch with Drain Doctor now. Upon call, we'll complete a CCTV Drain Survey which helps us accurately diagnose the drainage issues you're experiencing in your Leyland home or work place.

Who's responsible for maintaining, paying and caring for my drains?

This is a difficult question to answer as different insurance companies cover different aspects of drain damage.

In October 2011, Thames Water became responsible for the clearance of drain blockages in sewers or lateral drains. Depending on the cause of the issue, depends on who is responsible so this does differ from case to case.

As an experienced drainage company, we here at Drain Doctor are usually able to guide customers on this and work with our customers to ensure they're looked after where their drains are concerned.

Feel free to contact Drain Doctor today for some expert, impartial advice and we'll be happy to support you in anyway we can as part of our commitment to customer care.

What happens if my drains are blocked?

If you're suffering from blocked drains in Leyland, it's important you refrain from DIY drain unblocking in case you cause further damage which could be costly.

Contacting Drain Doctor, a full CCTV Drain Survey will be completed in a first instance in order to give us a clear idea of the size, cause and severity of the blockage.

Once this has been administered, we'll then assess the best actions to take and proceed with drain repair or replacement.

During the process, we ensure our customers are fully briefed on the actions we'll be taking so you understand the services and actions we're putting in place fully.

Our Commitment to You

Here at Drain Doctor, we're committed to ensuring customer satisfaction is reached and exceeded at every interaction so you know the service you're receiving in your Leyland home or workplace is the best.

Competitively priced, state of the art equipment, experienced technicians and a commitment to good, ethical, accurate work is what every customer receives when treated by Drain Doctor.

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