Drain Doctor Preston can provide complete drain cleaning in Blackpool for a range of properties. For more information, call our professional team today.

Drain blockages can be a serious problem for all kinds of properties. Drain cleaning in Blackpool can be used to eliminate all kinds of issues before they cause severe structural damage. Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we can deliver a complete range of drain unblocking and cleaning services. We can help you to eliminate any kinds of blockages and waste caught within your drains.

Our experienced team of drain cleaning experts can deliver a range of services to keep your drains operating efficiently. Our drain cleaning services are also essential when you’re trying to conduct any kind of repairs or replacement services. A clean drain pipe is necessary when you’re conducting any repair project. Cleaning a drain can also improve the reliability of a CCTV drain survey. The survey camera will be able to view the inside of your pipe without any dirt obscuring its view.


What are the Risks of Unclean Drains in Blackpool?

Drain cleaning in Blackpool is essential for all kinds of properties and environments. Failing to keep your property’s drains clean can lead to a wide range of problems. Unclean drains can be extremely vulnerable to blockages and other serious concerns. This cleaning service is essential to both sewer mains and septic tank systems.

If you neglect professional drain cleaning in Blackpool, your property could be vulnerable to a variety of issues, including:

  • Blockages – Blockages are extremely serious problems in modern drainage. Unfortunately, they are also the most common. These issues can prevent water and waste from moving through your drain, causing them to become trapped. In the worst cases, it is even possible for these blockages to cause waste water to move backwards through the system.

    In addition to the threat of backwash, blockages can also cause the pressure in a pipe to increase. This can cause structural damage throughout your drains, including fractures, collapses and loosened connections.

    Blockages can be caused by a wide range of issues, some due to natural occurrences, but most are down to misuse. Some of the most common causes of drain blockages include:

o   Disposing of Unsuitable Waste, including:

  • Medical Waste.
  • Wet Wipes and Baby Wipes.
  • Feminine Products.
  • Solid Food Waste.

o   Fats, Oils and Greases.

o   Leaves and Twigs.

o   Tree Root Intrusion.

  • Fractures – Over time, the build up of waste in a certain area of your drains can cause the operating width to decrease. This will increase the pressure in the system. As the pressure spikes, the drain pipes are more likely to fracture and crack. This can cause waste and grey water to escape from your drains. As this occurs, it will seep into the surrounding soil. This soil can then become waterlogged, leading to serious structural damage.
  • Health Hazards – Unclean drains can cause a variety of health hazards across your property. Standing water due to blockages will be a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria. This can lead to the spread of health issues and exacerbate existing health concerns. In some cases, these bacteria can move through your drains and contaminate areas like the kitchen sink.

    In addition, the materials that adhere to the inside of your drains can cause extremely unpleasant smells. These can not only be horrible to experience, but also exacerbate problems like asthma. Unclean drains can trigger asthma attacks and make them more frequent across the property.


Comprehensive Drain Cleaning in Blackpool

If your Blackpool property requires drain cleaning, get in touch with Drain Doctor Preston today. We can provide a complete cleaning service for a variety of properties, including:

  • Houses and Apartment Buildings.
  • Retail Outlets, including:

o   Storefronts.

o   Supermarkets.

  • Commercial Buildings, such as:

o   Office Buildings.

o   Hotels.

o   Entertainment Buildings, including Amusements and Arcades.

  • Industrial Properties, like:

o   Warehouses.

o   Factories.

o   Power Plants.

We have delivered a comprehensive range of drain unblocking and cleaning services to all kinds of properties. As part of our complete services, we can deliver:

  • High-Pressure Water-Jetting – This process involves the introduction of a high volume of water into the drainage system. The volume and pressure of the water will clean the drains effectively. It can also be used to eliminate partial and full blockages in a variety of pipes.
  • Drain Rodding – Using high-quality, hard-wearing drain rods, our team will be able to break apart even the toughest of blockages. This equipment is essential when it comes to eliminating blockages and clearing waste.

These solutions can be used in conjunction with each other to clear your drains of any issues. Some of the biggest problems can include tree root intrusions, which can be extremely difficult to remove. If an issue like this means that your drains can’t be effectively cleaned, we can provide repair and replacement services to resolve all kinds of damage.


For Drain Cleaning in Blackpool, Get in Touch with Drain Doctor Preston Today

Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we can provide a complete range of drain cleaning and unblocking services in Blackpool. We can clear all kinds of drainage systems, including commercial, residential and industrial drains.

If you want to avoid serious problems with your drains, get in touch with our experienced team today. You can reach our drainage specialists by calling us directly on 01257 498555. If you prefer, you can also email any questions or concerns that you might have to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.