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Although they are often ignored until they develop a serious issue, gutters are essential for all kinds of commercial and domestic properties. Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we can provide gutter cleaning in Lancashire to prevent long-term damage to your home or business.

Failing to keep your gutters free from obstructions can quickly lead to a range of issues across your property. Many homes and businesses have suffered long-term issues due to faulty guttering systems. The only effective way to avoid these structural concerns is to ensure that your guttering is kept in a great condition. Thanks to gutter cleaning in Lancashire, you’ll be able to prevent a blocked or clogged gutter from causing structural damage to your home or business.

Over the years, the experienced team at Drain Doctor Preston has worked to resolve guttering issues. We have access to industry-leading equipment, which allows us to clean all kinds of guttering systems. We’re able to resolve a variety of issues, including serious blockages. Thanks to our team of drainage engineers and gutter experts, you’ll be able to avoid potential guttering hazards.

Gutter Cleaning Lancashire

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Gutter Cleaning Lancashire

Why is Gutter Cleaning in Lancashire Essential for Homes and Businesses?

Many property owners believe that, because they are so high, rooftop guttering is safe from blockages. However, these gutters are just as vulnerable to blockages and other concerns as those at ground level. There is a variety of materials which can land in your guttering and contribute towards blockages. Some of the most concerning materials can include:

  • Fallen Leaves and Twigs.
  • Bird Feathers and Eggshells.
  • Plastic Bags.
  • Tissue Paper and Other Light Waste, such as:
  • Wrappers.
  • Empty Packets.
  • Dead Animals, including Rats and Birds.

While these materials might not seem like cause for concern on their own, they can easily contribute to serious blockages. Over time, these materials will build-up and can be incredibly difficult to remove.

Why Are Gutter Blockages Such a Problem?

Gutter blockages can be a serious concern for any property. They can cause water to become stuck in your gutters. Over time, this water will become incredibly heavy and can cause your gutters to dislodge from your home or business. In addition to causing permanent damage to your guttering solution, it can also cause water to leak and escape down the sides of your walls.

Gutters are designed to stop water from running down your walls. This is because this water can lead to a wide range of long-term structural issues. For example, rising damp and mould are all common issues related to water escaping due to a guttering failure. In addition to these structural issues, there is also the concern that this escaping water can cause cosmetic damage to the exterior surface of your walls.

What Does Gutter Cleaning in Lancashire Involve?

Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we are able to effectively clear all kinds of serious guttering blockages. Our team can eliminate guttering blockages from the ground up to a height of 12-metres. This means we’re able to perform effective gutter cleaning in rooftop guttering systems for 75% of all buildings. As we don’t require a ladder, power lift or any scaffolding for most of our projects, we conduct effective gutter cleaning quickly and safely.

As we have access to industry-leading Guttervac machinery, we can eliminate and break apart all kinds of blockages. This can restore your gutters to full working order and prevent rainwater from getting caught in your system. We will dispose of all blockages and materials to ensure that your gutters continue to work as they should.

Gutter Cleaning Throughout the Year

Throughout the year, it is possible for your guttering to become blocked. However, your gutters are more at risk in the Autumn and Winter months. Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we can provide gutter cleaning throughout the year.

During Autumn, falling leaves can become a serious problem. If you have trees nearby your property, it is likely you will experience some kind of guttering blockage in Autumn. As Autumn is also accompanied by heavy rainfall, it is possible for these issues to develop extremely quickly and case serious damage to your guttering.

Throughout Winter, the freezing temperatures are also a common cause of issues. For example, snow or hailstone can land in your gutters and remain there. Even water, or other materials in your guttering, can quickly freeze and cause serious issues. As water freezes and thaws, it can also change in size. As such, this can often cause gutters to crack and break apart.

Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we provide gutter cleaning in Lancashire and throughout the year to suit your needs. Our team will deal with all weather conditions to prevent your gutters from becoming blocked or suffering serious issues.

Choose Drain Doctor Preston for Professional Gutter Cleaning in Lancashire & Across North-West

If you’re experiencing any kind of issues relating to your guttering solutions, get in touch with our team today. We can help you to resolve serious guttering issues and ensure that your guttering works as it needs to.

Local Gutter Cleaning for Homes and Businesses Across Lancashire & the North-West

Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we are proud to offer an industry-leading gutter cleaning and repairs service across the North-West. In the past, we've been able to deliver gutter repairs and comprehensive cleaning to a variety of homes and businesses, including:

Adlington | Bamber Bridge | Blackpool | Brindle | Buckshaw Village | Chorley | Clayton-le-Woods | Cleveleys | Coppull | Eccleston | Euxton | Farrington Moss | Fleetwood | Formby | Fulwood | Garstang | Hambleton | Heapey | Kirkham | Leyland | Longridge | Longton | Lytham St Annes | Midge Hall | Much Hoole | New Longton | Penwortham | Poulton | Preston | Southport | Tarleton | Thornton | Walton | Whittle-le-Woods | Wrea Green

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. We can work to eliminate of blockages in your home or business’ guttering. To talk to one of our experienced team today, call us directly on 0800 026 6623 today. You can also use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.