Drain Doctor are the one call answer to your domestic CCTV survey needs.

Drain Doctor uses the very latest industry software & CCTV technology to carry out a huge range of domestic CCTV surveys that are tailored to suit your needs. This includes a look & see through to a full conditional report.


So what is it you are looking for?   

A look  & see survey means that Drain Doctor will show you precisely in real time what is happening inside of your drainage system.

Home buyer surveys will give you peace of mind when it comes to purchasing a new home. Your mortgage lenders can insist that you get an expert opinion and a CCTV drain survey as a part of the offer on your mortgage. Drain Doctor provide a full technical written CCTV drain report which includes photographs and a DVD of your entire drainage system. This will save you money on potential expensive drain repairs when you move into your new house.


So If you are planning to put your house on the market one consideration that in today’s marketplace that is becoming more and more important, is the need to carry out a CCTV survey. Moving house can often be both stressful and problematic, so it is worthwhile ensuring you have carried out all necessary checks before you put your house on the market.

Likewise if you are moving into a new property it is important to check that a drain survey has been carried out as it could save you the often substantial cost of remedial works should there be faults on your drains.


Drain Doctor can pinpont certain areas of broken or damp drains using a full CCTV drain survey. A typical CCTV drain survey is often requested by local councils and are usually pre-consition of planning consents. The Drain Doctor CCTV drain survey will find the exact location of any drainage fault and will be backed up with proof of photographs and a full DVD report.


CCTV surveys are carried out to show the condition of your drainage system. As the drains run underground it is impossible to check they are in good working order without the use of drain camera. A CCTV camera is put into the drain from your manhole to inspect the drains. The CCTV footage is then formatted into a detailed condition report. This survey includes photographic stills and the Wincansoftware grades the necessary repairs highlighting any urgent repairs that are necessary. Full recommendations and estimates for any works will be provided within this approved industry standard report.


CCTV reports highlight many problems from blocked and collapsed pipes to drains with severe root ingress from nearby trees or shrubs. These kind of problems can cause substantial and expensive repairs which is the last thing you need upon moving house. The peace of mind gained by the homeowner in knowing that their drains have been checked recently is an important factor in ensuring that a prospective sale will not fall through at the last minute.

Our team at Drain Doctor can help with any queries regarding drain surveys or any general drainage issues you may have. So if you’re going to be moving home soon and would like some advice on whether or not you will need a CCTV drain survey give us a call.


Home Buyer Costs from £185.00