Water Mains. Lead Pipe Replacements. Moling.

Water Industry Approved Installation

Drain Doctor are water industry approved as specialists in lead pipe replacements, installers of water mains, specialists in leak detection and new water mains installation. We carry out installation of new water mains throughout North Lancashire & Cumbria.


Moling of Water Main

Drain Doctor use moling techniques for all water mains pipes which helps to avoid open cut trenching for renewing, installing and repairing water mains pipes in a cost effective manner.

An impact mole is a device that is air driven and launched from a small pit, which then punches through the ground towards a receiving pit which enables new water mains piping to be fitted. Soil is then compacted outwards which creates a smooth, glazed bore. This allows the water pipes to be installed much more quickly. Apart from a small launch/receive pit, you will see very little disruption and no piping will be visible at all.

Moling often creates a bore under several surfaces & obstacles, such as hedges, roads, lawns, driveways & ditches. These can be used to install various cables, pipes or ducting.

There are a variety of different size moles that Drain Doctor can use for multi utility applications.


Benefits of Moling by Drain Doctor...

  • Economical & Fast
  • Convinient for many soil conditions                                                 
  • Socially & Environmentally beneficial
  • Cleaner than many traditional methods               
  • No need for trenching
  • Multiple utility applications