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Septic tanks are a great way to provide high-quality waste management in all kinds of properties, including properties which may not be accessible through the main sewer systems. The only downside of these waste management solutions is that they require professional treatment, including repairs, installation and waste removal.

Fortunately, thanks to the professional septic tanks repairs and installation in Chorley that our team can provide, you’ll be able to eliminate all the stress and worry involved with this waste management. Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we can deliver comprehensive septic tank services across Preston and Chorley. 


Why Are Septic Tanks Ideal for Chorley Properties?

If your property can’t be connected to the mains sewer lines, or you’re developing an industrial space which is unsuitable for sewer connection, then septic tanks could be the perfect choice for you. These high-capacity and hard-wearing features can handle huge volumes of waste without any risk.

These waste management systems can be installed in practically any environment and can be relied upon to deliver a high-quality service for many years. Septic tanks are treated to resist the corrosive effects of waste and any damage they might sustain underground. Once installed, these systems are also unnoticeable until they require emptying or cleaning. 


Important Things to Consider for Septic Tanks Repairs & Installation in Chorley

When deciding if a septic tank is the ideal waste management solution for your needs, there are several important questions that you need to ask yourself.

  • Is my property large enough for a septic tank? – Septic tanks are deceptively large. It isn’t something you think about when they’ve already been installed, but these waste systems are typically at least nine-feet long, five-feet wide and 5-feet tall. If you don’t have this much space on your property, that is easily accessible for an installation team, then a hard-wearing septic tank isn’t for you.
  • Is the ground suitable? – Although we can install septic tanks in most types of earth you’re likely to find in Chorley, there are some situations where the ground quality makes it inadvisable to install a septic tank. You need to make sure that the soil allows your septic tank to discharge water into the ground. Soakaways and natural land drains are essential when it comes to preventing your property from becoming water-logged or unpleasant smelling.

Can You Look After a Septic Tank in Chorley?

Taking care of a septic tank is essential. Any blockages can lead to a range of problems which can have long-lasting effects on your property. For example, if pressure builds up in a septic system or in the pipes attached to the tank, they could burst.

Looking after a septic tank is the same as looking after traditional sewer-connected drains. Just some of the best practices you can follow to ensure that you don’t need regular septic tanks repairs include:

  • Flushing Discipline – Taking care to flush only appropriate waste is important. Toilet paper is fine as it will degrade, but kitchen roll and other paper towels will resist degradation. That means they can easily become trapped in the pipes themselves and lead to difficult to shift blockages.
  • Scrape Your Plates – By removing food waste from the sink, you’ll be able to eliminate the risk of blockages due to food refusing to breakdown.
  • Remove Hair from Showers, Plugs and More – Hair can greatly contribute to blockages of all kinds. It can become knotted and cause other materials to clump together. It creates an extremely resilient binding material in the drains. By taking the time to remove hair from plugholes and drains, you can prevent it from contributing to the blockages in your pipes.


High-Quality Septic Tanks Repairs and Installation in Chorley

Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we can deliver comprehensive septic tank installation throughout Chorley. Whether you’re looking to install a completely new septic tank, or if your existing waste management system needs professional repairs, get in touch with Drain Doctor Preston today.

We can deal with all kinds of tank-related issues you might be suffering from in Chorley. Whether you need pipes repairing or unblocking, or if the tank itself has sustained damage over many years of service, we can help.

Here at Drain Doctor Preston, we have been delivering septic tanks repairs and installation in Chorley for many years. We can provide long-term maintenance and care services, in addition to one-off installation solutions. We can deliver a comprehensive service, including professional cleaning and servicing as required.

For more information, get in touch with our professional team today. You can reach our septic tank repair specialists and installation experts by calling us directly on 01257 498555. We can deliver installation and repairing services to:

  • Eccleston.
  • Coppull.
  • Whittle-le-Woods.
  • Wheelton.
  • Heapey.
  • Buckshaw Village.

So, if you’re looking for premium waste tank repairs and installation services, get in touch with our team today.