Drain Doctor Preston are a company that can replace, repair or cleanout your current sewer lateral lines.

Why sewer lateral lines?

Traditional sewer repairs means major digging that results in the damage of lawns, driveways, concrete surfaces and some other valuable landscapes whilst replacing the old pipe line with a new one. Lateral sewer lines meant that no real 'digging' is required, making tearing up your home and yard avoidable. Lateral sewer lines involves digging only two holes for entry points, and these holes can be covered after the repairing resulting is a lesser mess than usual.

How does it Work?

First of all the problem is identified with the help of cameras in the main sewer lines. To install a pipe liner, a flexible tube coated with resin is pulled into the damaged pipe and inflated. The hardening resin creates a new pipe within the damaged one involving the digging of just one hole. Pipelining is sometimes not possible if the lateral has joints, but a pipe bursting method can be used in these sewer repairs. It involves pulling a new pipe through the old one with the help of a bursting head by digging two holes on either side of the lateral pipe. The pipe bursting method is preferred a little over the pipe lining method.

How is it better than the Traditional Method?

The major difference between them is the reduced destruction of hard surfaces. The trenchless system uses High-Density Polythene Pipe as the replacement pipe while the traditional pipes mainly used clay, cast iron or PVC material. The estimated lifespan of this new pipe is about two hundred years. This pipe is corrosion resistant, leakage proof and highly flexible. This process usually takes about two hours to replace the old pipe with a new one with the help of the bursting method. Usually two days should be enough for completing sewer repair process as compared to a whole week used in the traditional method.

What Are the Main Benefits?

The major benefit is that the destruction of property is very negligible in this new process. Going Lateral can save you a large amount of money because this sewer repair method is cheaper than the traditional one. The cost of trenching can vary as per some factors. Usually, the cost of new technology is slightly higher than the old one, but this logic is not applicable in this case. Even if you hire workers to do the entire job of fixing the pipe and then cleaning the mess that has been created, it is not pleasant to see your home like that for around a week or so while using the traditional method. Using Lateral sewer line repair, there would be no risk associated that your gas line or your cable line would be destroyed when the digging up would take place. You would be saved from the mess along with saving some precious time and money.

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