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A soakaway system is also sometimes known as a drainage field, and it is made up of a network of perforated or slotted pipework. A soakaway is used to carry the waste water away from your septic tank or sewage treatment plant. This allows it to percolate through the subsoils and provides a form of treatment of the waste water. This then enables the waste water to pass into the ground without causing any pollution or damage to the ground.

You may notice that there's a problem with your soakaway if you see dirty water pooling above ground. Unfortunately, when this happens it's not only the views that are compromised, but also the smell. You would probably rather not have both of these in your garden or around your property! Another tell-tale sign can be that your septic tank or sewage treatment plant needs to be emptied more frequently. This can be linked to your soakaway because the waste water is backing up into the tank.

There are a number of ways in which a Soakaway can become damaged, some of these are:

  • Plant Roots. It's possible that roots from shrubs & trees can grow through soakaway pipework and damage the system.

  • Vehicles. When cars and other vehicles drive over the soakaway, pressure is applied on the soakaway pipework, which can result in it becoming crushed or broken

  • A damaged septic tank or sewage treatment plant. If either of these components are broken or damaged it means that the wrong type of waste could be leaving the tank. This can then block the soakaway pipework and prevent it from working properly.

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